Hi! My name is Sherika Evans and I am the very proud Executive Director for Suncoast School for Innovative Studies grades K-5th grade. 

I am originally from Mississippi. I came to Florida to complete my doctorate’s degree back in 2005. Since that time I have enjoyed working in Sarasota County School District before joining this amazing charter school over 3 years ago. 

My husband and I have three sons. We enjoy spending time with them as well as creating unique opportunities for all children to learn and grow. We have coached many football, basketball, and volleyball teams together and separately and have always sought as many opportunities to volunteer and be a part of our community as possible.  

I am excited to work with you on making our school a great place to be. Please accept the challenge and join me as we re-define “Innovative” embracing the latest and greatest in technological advances while still staying true and attending to each student’s individual academic,social, & emotional needs.


​​Dr. Sherika Evans - Executive Director 

Our Philosophy

       The mission of Suncoast School for Innovative Studies is to celebrate and recognize each individual child so that all students will achieve their full intellectual and social potential. Family commitment to the learning process, as well as the use of multi-age groupings and multi-modality teaching, will help develop in each child a love of learning, the ability to engage in critical thinking and mastery of comprehensive academics. Families and the larger community will be partners in the achievement of the student. 

Board of Directors
President: Larry Robbins
Vice President: Patricia Tan
Secretary: Brian Yost
Treasurer: Terrell J. Neal
Our History

Suncoast School for Innovative Studies was opened August 1999 as one of the 3 original Charter Schools in Sarasota County. The original Charter called for an enrollment of approximately 100 students, grades K-8.

Our enrollment configuration allowed for a unique peer mentoring program that paired every middle school student with an elementary student. The mentoring program was one of the key innovations of the school model.

The educational program of Suncoast School for Innovative Studies was designed to utilize methods incorporating multiple intelligences, learning styles, authentic assessment, multidisciplinary learning units, and opportunities for self-growth and self-expression.

Technology, as designed in the original Charter, would be used in a variety of ways to teach Internet navigation, word processing, business writing, presentation skills, spread sheet and database applications.

As we move forward with our mission, expect the unexpected! We are the leading edge of innovation!

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